Jodi Simms - artist/ photographer
Weekend exhibition! July 14th - 15th
it's in Shimokitazawa at;

東京都世田谷区北沢 2-27-15
フラットしもきた 1F

Gallery Obaa-chan Chi
Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-27-15
Furaato Shimokita 1F

Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 2pm - 7pm

for more information please look at;
Design Festa
I will have a booth on May 12-13, at the 35th annual Design Festa at Tokyo Big site. please come and check it out!!

go to links, to see the Design Festa website for more info!
as well as view my exhibitors introduction page!

thank you! (^_~)/