Jodi Simms - artist/ photographer
Jodi is from the island province of Newfoundland, Canada. Her creativeness was encouraged from a young age, and her first portfolio was created on the kitchen floor at the age of three.
From 1999-2001 she studied textiles and design at a small provincial college in the downtown area of St. John’s NL. (College of the North Atlantic- Anna Templeton Campus)
Then from 2002-2006 she attended and competed a BFA in Visual Art at Sir Wilfred Grednfell University (M.U.N) in Corner Brook NL.
She majored in Photography and Painting, but also studied print and sculpture. She took electives in Psychology and Sociology, as well as religious studies; all which aided her in conveying her preferred subject matter of “image” and the influence of society.
In the summer of 2006 she studied at her University’s overseas campus in Harlow England. For eight weeks she traveled and studied all around England and France. Being exposed to such an amount of art and culture in such a short time helped eliminate any form of culture shock when she moved to Japan just two weeks after her return to Canada.
For the first year she lived in Nagoya, and was involved in a foreigners art exhibition in October 2006.
A year later she moved to Tokyo with hopes of more exposure.
In Tokyo she found herself more drawn to the underground music scene and it’s talented but struggling musicians. She became well known by many bands and venues as an event photographer.
After a while she started getting requests to shoot PR shots from some bands, and a lot of her live shots have been used for band publicity, CD jackets, posters and independent magazines in Japan.
Sadly, the time spent on band photography subtracted away from any painting and drawing. She decided to slow down with band photography after 2011, and started to concentrate more on her artist expression.
After six years of living in Japan, she finally returned to Canada August 2012, and obtained a Masters in Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal.